SnapBack Kitty Large Menstrual Cup is a clean natural & healtheir alternative to disposable tampons and pads. 



  • Shorter Menstrual Cycle*
  • 12 hour protection*
  • Won't cause dryness or irriation*
  • Easy Insert*
  • Reusable*
  • No toxic chemicals or perfumes*
  • Can be worn swimming*
  • Saves Money*

Large Cup

  • Usage:


    SnapBack Kitty Large Menstrual Cup is intended for menstruating women. SnapBack Kitty Large Menstrual Cup can be worn up to 12 hours. SnapBack Kitty Large Menstrual Cup can be worn while swiming and exercising.


    SnapBack Kitty Large Cup is generally suitable for women who have given birth to a child or women over the age of 25 years




    Each individual menstrual cup comes individually wrapped.




    1. Wash hands and cup with warm soap and water.
    2. Fold into a U-shape.
    3. Gently insert cup to ensure it is fully open and securely in the vagina.


    Note: The bottom of the cup should be leveled with the vuvar lips.




    1. Crouch down.
    2. While holding the cup, push it in slightly to allow some air to enter and pull out the cup.
    3. Hold the bottom of the cup while releasing to prevent any spilling.
    4. Discard the contents and wash your hands and the cup.
    5. Soak cup in warm water and dry it before reuse or storage.


    Wear Snapack Kitty Panty Liner for extra protection.