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How do I use SnapBack Kitty Womb Detox ?

Each pearl has a string wrapped around the base, that must be unraveled before insertion. String should be left attached to pearl for removal.

  1. With clean hands lay down and put kness to chest and insert 1 or 2 pearl(s) into the opening of a clean vagina as close to the cervix as possible for 72 hours.

  2. Remove pearl(s) after 72 hour period.

  3. The next 4 days your body will expel toxins by discharge such as dead tissue, mucus, yeast, bacteria, old blood etc.

While detoxing drink 64 oz of water daily.

Will I experience side effects using SnapBack Kitty Womb Detox ?


Most women feel no side effects, while some feel cramping, itching, and/or dryness. This is due all the toxins being drawn to the front of the vaginal opening. Toxins near the front of the vagina opening can cause irritation for a short period of time. If irritation occurs take a warm Epsom Salt bath with pearls still inserted and/or use coconut oil to soothe irritation.

Should I take a bath or shower while using SnapBack Kitty Womb Detox ?


Showers are recommended. If you experienced discomfort take a warm bath with Epsom Salt bath and/or use coconut oil to soothe irritation. Do not enter pools, saunas, or steam rooms unto detox is fully complete.


Will SnapBack Kitty Womb Detox get lost, stuck, or dissolve in my vagina or womb ?


SnapBack Kitty Womb Detox can not dissolve nor can it move pass the cervix, so it is impossible to get lost. Pearl removal can be by string or finger.

How does SnapBack Kitty Detox actually work ?


The herbs in the womb detox create a natural pulling effect that recirculates blood throughout the uterus area, creating a detoxifying effect in the vaginal and womb area. 

What happens after I remove SnapBack Kitty Womb Detox ?


After removing SnapBack Kitty Womb Detox most women experience a discharge/purge that varies in each woman. It may pretty gross but its always better out than in. What may come out in clumps might have taking years to come out without this process. Many women want to pick out the discharge this is a NO NO the discharge comes out naturally. For most woman this process is 72 hours but varies in women. At the end your detox your vagina and your mind should feel renewed.

When is SnapBack Kitty Womb Detox complete ?


For most women the SnapBack Kitty Womb Detox is complete 7 days after insertion, but may last longer.

Can I use the SnapBack Kitty Womb Detox on birth control ?


Yes, you can! SnapBack Kitty Womb Detox will not effect the strength of your birth control. If you have a IUD use no more than 1 - 2 pearls at a time, so your IUD will remain effective.

Can I use SnapBack Kitty Womb Detox on while I take antibiotics ?


How long must I wait after my last cleanse to insert more SnapBack Kitty Womb Detox Pearls ?


As long as you follow directions on insertion it's safe to insert more SnapBackKitty Womb Detox PearlsSnapBack Kitty Womb Detox may be used anytime 3 hours after sex as long as it's 3 days after your menstrual cycle has ended, or at least 10 days before your menstrual cycle returns. No intercourse from insertion date until a day after all discharge has completely left your vagina. Drink 64oz of water daily during detox to flush herbs from system.


How long must I wait before I have intercourse after using SnapBack Kitty Womb Detox ?

Wait one full day after discharge has completely left your vagina before having sex which is usually about 7 days from the day you insert the pearls, but may be longer.

Who can use SnapBack Kitty Womb Detox ?

SnapBack Kitty Womb Detox are for women. Do not use SnapBack Kitty Womb Detox if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or a virgin. We do not know the effects the herbs will have on small babies or unborn children. If virgins detox their hymen is at risk of breaking. Wait 6 - 8 weeks after after giving birth or abortion to use SnapBack Kitty Womb Detox. SnapBack Kitty Womb Detox may be also used 6 weeks after a hysterectomy.

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