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Will I experience side effects using SnapBack Kitty Womb Steam ?


Most women feel no side effects, while some feel mild cramping, itching, and/or dryness. This is due all the toxins being drawn to the front of the vaginal opening. Toxins near the front of the vagina opening can cause irritation for a short period of time. If irritation occurs take a warm plain Epsom Salt bath with pearls still inserted and/or use coconut oil to soothe irritation.


Can I steam while SnapBack Kitty Womb Detox is inserted ?


SnapBack Kitty Womb Steam can not be used while SnapBack Kitty Womb Detox is insert. Once removing SnapBack Kitty Womb Detox it is ok to Steam immediately after and also ok to insert more SnapBack Kitty Womb Detox Pearls if your menstrual cycle does not start within 10 days.

How does SnapBack Kitty Womb Steam actually work ?


The herbs in the womb steam create a natural pulling effect that recirculates blood throughout the uterus area, creating a detoxifying effect in the vaginal/womb area that may cause shedding and also discharge. 

Can I use the SnapBack Kitty Womb Steam on birth control ?


Yes, you can! SnapBack Kitty Womb Steam will not effect the strength of your birth control. 

Can I use SnapBack Kitty Womb Steam while I take antibiotics ?


How often can I use SnapBack Kitty Womb Steam ?


No more than three times a week. 


How long must I wait before I have intercourse after using SnapBack Kitty Womb Steam ?

Wait a day or two after steaming before having sex. This is the discharge a chance to exit the body.

Who can use SnapBack Kitty Womb Steam ?

SnapBack Kitty Womb Steam are for women. Do not use SnapBack Kitty Womb Steam if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or a virgin. We do not know the effects the herbs will have on small babies or unborn children. If virgins steam their hymen is at risk of breaking. Wait 6 - 8 weeks after after giving birth or abortion to use SnapBack Kitty Womb Steam. SnapBack Kitty Womb Steam may be also used 6 weeks after a partial or full hysterectomy.

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